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Do you want to be a mentor or do you need mentoring?

Sep 29, 2020
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Do you want to be a mentor or do you need mentoring?

Open enrollment for students to the Mentoring Program

Until next Monday, September 28, you can participate in the call to be part of the Mentoring Program

The Mentoring program seeks to accompany the personal and professional growth of students like you, who want to receive tools for the construction of their life project, adaptation to their university process and the development of skills and competencies for the 21st century. During the mentoring you will be accompanied and you will be listened to by a MENTOR.

We tell you that mentoring is an experience characterized by a learning relationship between equals in which an advanced semester student (MENTOR) listens and accompanies another student who is just beginning on the learning path.

What do you need to be a MENTOR?

- You must be in higher semesters: from the fifth to the tenth if they are university programs, from the third to the fourth if they are technical and technological programs.

- Have communication skills and social sensitivity.

- It is essential to have a PC, laptop or tablet and internet connectivity.

- To have time.

What do you need to have a MENTOR and receive Mentoring?

- You must belong to the Generation E program and be between the first and third semester of a university program or between the first and second semester of a technical or technological program.

To register you just have to fill out the form:

Form to be a MENTOR

Form if you want MENTORIES



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