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History of UPN


In 1917, the first National Educational Congress decided to build the Instituto Pedagógico Nacional –IPN– in Bogota, which began on March 9, 1927, under the leadership by German educator Francisca Radke. By 1936, within a Liberal educational project, against the Conservative ideas regarding IPN, the Escuela Normal Superior was founded, where former male and female education faculties joined looking for a modern and mixed spirit. 

In 1952 the School was removed and divided faculties again, and thanks to Francisca Radke efforts, the Universidad Pedagógica Nacional Femenina (National Pedagogical University for Women) was created in 1955, which was considered a success to include women in academic and working life of the country. 

In 1962 the Universidad Pedagógica Nacional was established as a coeducational institution which also joined the National School of Physical Education. By 1968, the government reorganized and defined it as a public educational entity with legal status, self-governing and separate equity under the Ministry of National Education. 

By 2014, UPN is training more than 10,000 prospect educators and committed to expand our programs, replying to the relevance of their effort. Then a creation of a new room is unquestionably required to house the members of the academic community, leaving in the past the area limitations and allowing a permanent interacting of knowledge and people involved. That’s why our immediate purpose is Valmaria that represents the required place to meet timely the new and quality educational needs of Colombian society. During almost a century of pedagogical efforts in the country, UPN has established itself as a national and international authority committed to train teachers who will educate new generations for a better future.

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