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University Governance

Academic Vice-Rector's Office


Address: Calle 72 No. 11 - 86, Edificio P, Piso 2
Bogotá, D.C., Colombia- Sur América 
Schedule: Monday-Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM - Continuous Working Day
Phone: (57-1) 594 1894 Ext. 162

About Us

Consistent with the current dynamics of our University, the Academic Vice-Rector's Office –VAC– seeks to position itself as a division compromised to trigger, organize, guide, manage and develop academic processes from clearly, participatory policy actions and guidelines. All of this linked to challenges proposed by the Institutional Development Plan –PDI– and the target of the Institutional Accreditation.


Purposes and Functions

- Co-ordinate and promote the development of the Faculties' programs following the academic policies outlined by the Academic and Higher Councils.
- Promote the development of plans, programs and academic activities running by Faculties assigned to the VAC.
- Encourage, support and streamline in coordination with Deans, some efforts to smooth the updating process of the University programs.
- Propose policies to recruit, promote and develop the teaching staff.
- Chart and outline policies, guidelines, plans, programs and projects in order to improve academic quality of the University.
- Ensure that existing academic, student and teaching staff’s regulations should be met.


Principles and criteria

The Academic Vice-Rector's Office has taken the following principles and criteria to guide the management and the relevantactions to be performed:

- Ethical transparency of public affairs; respect and recognition of individual and collective work performed by divisions and academic areas.
- Decentralization and empowerment of actions: long-lasting announcements related to an effective participation, individual and collective accountability, and joint work among faculties and programs.
- Compliance following the governance regulations by transforming critical thinking.

Inspired by mission commitments related to teaching, research and community outreach by the University itself, the VAC promotes management and projection of actions aimed at encouraging the implementation of training and qualification of teaching staff and improving labor and academic status. The core concept assumes teaching as a common creation that requires reflection and demanding analysis of new practices to develop the profession.

Currently the VAC has a key role in achieving Institution Accreditation and mobilizing dynamics to let a broader academic building regarding Institutional transformation challenges. In its evolution, the VAC is committed to strengthening the mission dimensions by streamlining multiple actions and programs, such as:

- First-Class and Proud Teachers
- Prospect for Institution Accreditation
- Academic Support Resources
- Teaching Staff Development
- Strengthening and Development of Training Programs Supported by ICT
- Social Ownership of Institution Knowledge and Communication
- University at the International Arena
- University at the National Level
- Environmental Training


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