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University Governance



Address: Calle 72 No. 11 - 86, Edificio P, Piso 2
Bogotá, D.C., Colombia- Sur América 
Office Hours: Monday-Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM - Continuous working day
Phone: (57-1) 594 1894 Ext. 103

Institutional Plans of the University

Institutional Development Plan, PDI
Institutional Educational Project, PEI
Rector’s Office Plan
Institutional Improvement Plan 2015 - 2019
Anti-Corruption Plan
Annual Operating Investment Plan, POAI

Rectory Task Management

Institution Self-Assessment Report
Synthesis of Institution Self-Assessment Report
Institution Overview: Methodological issues of Institution Self-Assessment Process

Permanent Accountability

Statistical Bulletin 2014

Rector’s Office Divisions

General Secretariat
Office of Development & Planning
Office of Institutional Relations
Office of Legal Issues
Office of Internal Control
Office of Internal Disciplinary Monitoring
Group of Corporate Communications

Contact Us

- Rector
- Rectory’s Office Administrative Assistant
- Legal Advisor
- Rectory’s Office Advisor
- Process Advisor to Accreditation High Quality Undergraduate Programs
- Project Advisor to PDI “University Without Borders” / Training in Foreign Languages

Rectorate's Proposal

- Foreword
- From matter Diagnosis
- Program
- Identity & Project
- University & Living
- University & Commitment to Peace
- University & Democracy
- Teachers with Excellence and Dignity
- Politeness and Effectiveness of the Administration
- A Decent Home
- A University in Line with our Time
- A University without Boundaries
- Research and Social Validation of the Academy
- University & Joyfulness

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