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University Governance

Administrative and Financial Vice-Rector’s Office


Address: Calle 72 No. 11-86
Bogotá D.C, Colombia, Sur América 
Schedule: Monday-Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM – Working Continuous Day
Phone: (57-1) 347 1190 Ext. 125 y 118
Fax: (57-1) 594 1767



The Administrative and Financial Vice-Rector’s Office at the Universidad Pedagógica Nacional has the particular mission to project and address all the policies, plans and programs leading to optimization and maximizing Institutional resources. It also has the mission to direct, co-ordinate and organize the activities related to logistics, human and operational support in order to ensure the development of the University mission.


The Administrative Vice-Rector’s Office has been projected as a division of the senior management that will work in terms of raising its accountability in order to perform with efficiency, effectiveness and transparency, which aims to establish itself as the Institutional management model area by a first level of administrative productivity.


-  Advice the Rector’s Office regards to policy-making, standards and procedures for managing human, physical, economic and financial resources of the Institution.
- Perform management control necessary for optimal use of resources by the University.
- Plan, direct, control and co-ordinate management activities related to human resources, occupational safety and labor relations of the staff following the entity policies and the applicable legal and operational standards.
- Organize and authorize expenses and accounts payment of the University taking into account the relevant amounts and conditions given by Rector’s Office.
- Project budget and accounting changes of the University in accordance with the current standards.
- Co-ordinate and control the appropriate provision of general services for an efficient functioning of the University.
- Direct and co-ordinate selection, training and promotion programs of Administrative Staff, as well as Welfare programs for all the staff at the University, in line with the current standards.
- Ensure timely collection and agile handling of money of the entity and strive for alternative strategies to achieve financial resources.
- Co-ordinate with other divisions of the University the development and updating of function and procedure manuals linked to the operation of the Institution.
- Control inventories of returnable and consumer items, as well as preparation and submitting of the Annual Procurement Plan.
- Schedule and co-ordinate the processes related to bidding, contracting, procurement, storage, custody and distribution of goods and inputs required by the Institution.
- Carry out projections, analysis and evaluation of the financial status of the University.
- Provide periodic and special reports requested by other relevant divisions.
- Direct, co-ordinate and control all of the administrative management of the University, and carry out the required co-ordination with the different areas for an optimal resource use.
- Co-ordinate the relevant activities for organization, updating and keeping the General Archives of the entity in accordance with the current legal standards.



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