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PRADIF, a Support for Persons with Disability –PWDs– and their Families

Nov 26, 2018
Escrito por: Darío Redondo
PRADIF, a Support for Persons with Disability –PWDs– and their Families


Pradif (A Program to Support Persons with Disability –PWDs– and their Families) was created in 2015 by seven students of the Special Education Degree –LEE– from their degree work and the accompaniment and advice of professor Libia Velez Latorre. Its purpose is to contribute to processes of inclusion and participation of PWDs using three cornerstones: Training, Pedagogical Assessment and Information Guide where we expect to meet some needs by the PWDs, their families and caretakers, and also contribute to the inclusion processes by the UPN.



The Training Support contributes to the educational process of PWDs, families and caretakers as well as students, workers, officials of the UPN and experts in education in terms of subjects related to disability, rights, inclusive education, support networks, decision-making, and other concern issues. The Pedagogical Assessment Support identifies the skills and strengths of socio-affective, motor, cognitive and communicative scopes by 6-and-7 year, disabled children-and-young people through an evaluation set in order to establish later a home-support-plan that can be implemented by families or caretakers, or may serve as a guide to the classroom teacher where children are enrolled. While the Information Guide Support provides guidance about programs and services offered by Bogota City to PWDs in terms of education, health, work, social welfare, recreation, play and sports.

Based on the aforementioned supports, some pedagogical, educational and training processes have been developed and fostered involvement, life quality and the inclusion of PWDs, families and caregivers involved in the program as well as the strengthening of inclusive cultures and practices by the University, a fact that contributes to the visibility of encouraging attitudes from training the educational community of our institution.


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