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Internal Disciplinary Control Office - OCDI


Address: Calle 72 No. 11-86, Edificio P, Mezzanine
Bogota D.C, Colombia-South America.
Service Hours: Monday to Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. - Continuous working day.
Phone: (57-1) 594 1894 Ext. 439
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The Internal Disciplinary Control Office –OCDI– investigates a reprehensible conduct of public servants while they are serving the University. Finds out the circumstances of the irregularity, the identification of those responsible, and the reasons for those actions. This division works to reestablish the legality of the behaviors and sanction the culprits.


The task by OCDI, in addition to comply with the provisions given by Law 734 of 2002, Unified Disciplinary Code, contributes to the institutional development through a preventive and pedagogical function of the disciplinary process, which is focused on monitoring and verification of the execution of duties, exercise of rights, breach of prohibitions, incompatibilities, inabilities or interest conflicts by servants of the University. The relevant sanction is applied as a corrective measure directed to the same purpose.


- Investigates
- Judges
- Failures at first instance

The Internal Disciplinary Control Office was created by order of law, to verify or investigate the unlawful conduct by public servants, and to fail at first instance.

What does the OCDI do?
Investigates - Judges - Failure at first instance

How does it do?
Through disciplinary processes whose procedure may be determined by law.

Who should be investigated?
Public servants who may have committed disciplinary misconducts.

What is a disciplinary misconduct?
A disciplinary misconduct could be considered something, such as breach of duties, overreaching of rights and functions, violation of prohibitions, incompatibilities (legal impossibility), inabilities (personal circumstances precluding the exercise of certain jobs), and interest conflict.

Who could be penalized?
Someone who has been acted with:
- Willful intent: knowledge, pre-existence and knowledge of the certain rule; consciousness, psychic ability, freedom to act.
- Guilt: ignorance, breach of an obligation, neglect, failure to observe the required care.

What sanctions could be applied?
- A written warning with a copy sent to resume
- A fine of 10-180 times the statutory monthly minimum wage
- A suspension and a special disqualification
- A dismissal and a general disqualification


UPN Online Government and Anti-paperwork Committee

The Online Government has been developed in every Colombian state entity since 2008 following the Decree 1151, which defined the general guidelines, but recently the Decree 2693 of 2012 has brought them in line with the regulations for streamlining procedures and internal services, as well as control guidelines of public management.

The strategy aims to contribute to the development of a more efficient, more transparent and participatory University, which could provide better services with the collaboration of all of the society, by using ICTs.

Action plans
- Action Plan 2016
- Action Plan 2015, GEL Strategy Implementation
- Action Plan 2012, Implementation
- Action Plan 2012, Rationalization, anti-paperwork

GEL Strategy - Handbooks
- GEL Strategic Handbook - Decree TIC 1078 of 2015
- GEL Strategic Handbook 3.1
- Online Government Strategy
- Ministry of Information and Communication Technologies –MinTIC–

GEL Developments
- Databases Library 2016
- Loading Resumes and Statements of assets and income in SIGEP application
- UPN Website - English version
- UPN digital directory update
- PRIME, A Research Platform for Teachers and Students

SGR, Contact Us
- General Secretary, as a Representative of Senior Management and Strategy Leader
- Head of the Development and Planning Office
- Head of the Internal Control Office or the relevant delegate
- Head of the Legal Office or the relevant delegate
- Head of the Sub-Directorate of Information Systems Management –SGSI– 
- Leader of File and Correspondence Area
- Leader of the Office of Corporate Communications

Work team
- A Head of Internal Disciplinary Control Office
- A secretary
- A lawyer 
- A lawyer
- An administrative assistant

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